throws out the bathwater and keeps the baby. You can drive change, realize change, be changed.
solves modern challenges with modern ways of thinking and working.
allows you to embrace the certainty of change. Constant growth requires constant change.
equips you with principles, processes and methods to drive and realize change. The rigour and discipline of ChangeDriver™ makes good business and enterprise sense.
ChangeDriver Agents

ChangeDrivers™ Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated Canadian business.

ChangeDriver™ is a classroom-based, executive-level education course providing new-school knowledge, skills and tools for Getting to Change™.

ChangeDriver™ is the result of lessons learned by a team of proven change agents with over 100 years of combined experience putting into practice various change-management, business-transformation and enterprise-architecture approaches and techniques.

We’ve tried it all. We know what works and why. What the scars, bruises and lessons learned taught us is that something was missing in all of the processes, methods and techniques needed to realize dynamic change in an ever-changing world.

We discovered what was missing. We are now sharing that with you.

It’s the secret sauce that fuels ChangeDriver™.

ChangeDriver Principles

ChangeDriver Principles

Move from outputs to outcomes

Change Realization Framework

(& Change-Gate Technique)

Move from what to how

ChangeDriver Framework

Work7 Method

ChangeDriver Work7 Method

Move from the parts to the whole

ChangeDriver Practice

Move from thinking to doing

ChangeDriver Practice


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Lyle M.

Retired Assistant Deputy Minister

“We needed less theory, more practice and better results.

ChangeDriver gives us all three, in spades.”

Patrick N.

VP of Sales

“Powerful, yet simple and elegant.”

David H.


"Finally!  A practical framework and method for change that I can apply immediately."

Mark C.

Senior Business Transformation Architect

"A superb learning program that raises my game and ups the value I deliver to clients."

Wesley D.

Senior Business Analyst

"Masterfully designed and delivered course. Combines sound theory and hands-on application. Allows you to approach change from a different perspective and deliver better results."

Gillian W.

Senior Communications Strategist

“One-of-a-kind course given by leaders in change realization.”

Michael A.

Senior Policy Advisor

“If you’re looking to solve the riddle of business or technology change, take this amazing course.”

William L.

Program Manger