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David Charles Moore, CDMP, CMC, PMP, CD

David is the founder of ChangeDrivers™ Inc and the creative mind behind the ChangeDriver™ program.

For 40+ years he’s been an agent of strategic and operational change, and a thought-leader in the areas of enterprise-business architecture and business-service transformation.  He has decades of hands-on experience leading complex teams, educating and developing people, creating innovative business and technology solutions, and managing the resources and assets of large organizations, initiatives, programs, portfolios and projects. He’s been a team builder, mentor and go-to-guy in a wide variety of challenging positions requiring outstanding oral and written communications, principle-based negotiation, facilitation and relationship-management skills.    Fluently bilingual, David is widely recognized for his leadership ability, out-of-the-box thinking and skill at creating strategies, methods and action plans that help his clients realize the lasting business outcomes, impacts and benefits they desire.

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Lucy La Grassa, PhD, CDMP, MCC, CTDP

Lucy is the co-founder of ChangeDrivers™ Inc and a Certified Training and Development Professional specializing in transformational education and leadership.

For over 25 years, Dr. La Grassa has been developing, designing and delivering transformative business and communications programs for government and companies nationally and internationally. She is a successful entrepreneur who has built and run numerous businesses and knows the value of structuring and managing a business, program or project for continuous change. ChangeDriver™ brings together her on-the-ground experience, training expertise and knowledge-transfer skill on issues management, business cases, stakeholder engagement, leadership ethics, reputation management, internal/external communications and two-minute briefings.


Carole Adriaans, CDEC

Carole is the Event Planner and Course Coordinator for ChangeDriver™. 

Carole has over 30 years of experience coordinating, planning and producing events, and is known for her unrelenting and meticulous attention to event and logistic details. Whether organizing small groups or large galas, she makes sure each event is enjoyable, stimulating, comfortable and fun for everyone in attendance. Gracious and accommodating, Carole always puts the needs of our participants first. Her experience with venues—whether hotels, academic settings, or public spaces—provides everyone in attendance with a memorable and engaging learning environment. Contact Carole to discuss upcoming ChangeDriver™ courses, or if you have any special needs or dietary requirements.

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Donna Medgyesi, CDMP

Donna is a certified Enterprise Business Architect, certified Langevin Instructor/Facilitator, and our Lead Change Realization Specialist 

Donna has over 30 years experience in the public and private sectors guiding, shaping and driving complex change initiatives, programs and projects.  From the clear, complete and concise description of the desired vision for change, through its thoughtful and meticulous planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation, she consistently delivers high-quality results with enthusiasm, honesty and integrity. Disciplined and outcome-oriented by nature, Donna applies ChangeDriver™ to identify the underlying drivers of business and technology change and help her clients determine the exact scope and nature of the results—outputs, outcomes, impacts and benefits—they need to achieve.  She is skilled at developing detailed business and technology requirements—including key risk factors—creating comprehensive consultation and outreach strategies, identifying precise changes to job roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, developing realistic action plans, and resolving lingering resistance to change.

ChangeDriver Course Details

Professional Education Credits (PEC):

The ChangeDriver™ courses may be recognized by your professional or academic institution as providing up to twenty-eight (28) hours of advanced, in-class education. Please provide your institution with the Course Outline or the Course Manual to confirm your PECs.


Instructors Are Authentic ChangeDrivers™

You won’t just be listening to theory. Our instructors are successful ChangeDrivers™ for private companies and the public sector. They’re also knowledgeable, experienced and certified training professionals who have thrown out the slide-show drudgery in favour of stimulating, in-class learning experiences using real-world business scenarios and practice cases.


These courses are for:

  • "C-Level" officers (e.g. CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, CSOs)
  • Strategic/Policy/Risk/Performance/Operations-management executives, managers, staff and/or consultants
  • Program/Portfolio/Project-management executives, managers, staff and/or consultants
  • Program/Service/Product-delivery executives, managers, staff and/or consultants
  • Enterprise/Business/Business-Transformation Architects and Business Analysts

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