Work7 Method

ChangeDriver Work7 Method

Integrate don’t separate!

Work7 Method is change-ready architecture.

We give you the tools and techniques to build, maintain and grow your business or enterprise in an ever-changing world.

How? We’ve developed, tested and successfully applied new business architecture that helps you align and integrate your operation – continuously.

The Work7 Method works. It's a new-school approach based on old-school architecture fundamentals.

Being agile is one thing. Remaining agile is another.

Know when to change gears.

Architecture of Intelligent Change

Work Type is WHY you come to work each day—the programs, services and products you deliver.

Work Flow is HOW you do your job—the business processes you perform each day.

Work Load is the flipside of HOW—the distribution of work tasks and activities across business units.

Work Object means WHAT is of enduring value—the “things” you really need to know about and track.

Work Force is WHO you are—your organization’s structure, culture, values and beliefs.

Work Place is WHERE you work each day—the service-delivery locations.

Work Time is WHEN you work—the timings and cycles that drive your work activities. Tick-tock.

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