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By thinking ahead, you can build resiliency into your change planning.

Planning ahead for longevity

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By thinking ahead, you can build-in safeguards for things that could endanger your change project or initiative.

Let’s look at how Canada’s first Parliamentary Librarian, Alpheus Todd, did just that and saved Canada’s Parliamentary Library from burning to the ground in the fire of 1916.

The library opened in 1876. The building reflects the vision of the architects of the time, with its massive flying buttresses, ornamental ironwork and handcrafted detail. It was inspired by the concentric radial plan of the Reading Room inside the British Museum.  

The building also reflects Alpheus Todd’s requirement to add fire-safety features and measures. He directed the builders to construct it from non-combustible materials, including a cement floor, slate shelves and iron stacks. He also ensured the library was built far enough from the main Parliament buildings to mitigate collateral fire damage.

The fire that Todd feared might happen happened. On a bitterly cold February night in 1916, fire burned down the original Centre Block of the Parliament buildings in Canada’s capital – but not the adjacent Parliamentary Library.

Alpheus Todd’s efforts to think ahead – begin with the end in mind – and build-in safeguards spared the library. His careful foresight, planning and preparation has allowed millions of visitors over the last 140 years to see what might have otherwise been lost.

Like Alpheus Todd, you can also build the necessary safeguards into your blueprints or roadmaps for change before you begin.

Maybe you’re already doing this.  If so, we’d love to hear the story of how you created safeguards that saved the day for your program, project, company or organization.  

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