ChangeDriver Practice

Getting to Change. Nothing replaces experience like experience.

It’s true. The longest distance is between 0 and 1—from never having done something to doing it the first time. To become a ChangeDriver Practitioner you need to be able to practice what you say.

Whether you are in the private or public sector, you will apply and experience the ChangeDriver™ rigour and discipline through a real-life practice case.

ChangeDriver is all talk and all action.

ChangeDriver Practice

Practice Case 1: Public-Sector
Department of Health
Programs & Services©

Practice Case 1: Public-Sector

Practice Case 2: Private-Sector
Phenomenal Wealth
Management Incorporated©

Practice Case 2: Private-Sector

ChangeDriver Certification

ChangeDriver Certificate

Be work ready, job ready and change ready.

ChangeDriver Practitioners earn their certificate by applying what they’ve learned to real-life practice cases. You can’t say you are a Certified ChangeDriver Practitioner until you’ve practised it.

Oh… and to reinforce your learning, there’s a ChangeDriver Practitioner exam. At this point you are a ChangeDriver.

Get out there and make change happen!

Validate your new knowledge and

Validate your new knowledge and skills

Produce better and lasting

Produce better and lasting results
  • An exam consisting of forty-five (45) multiple-choice questions based solely on the course content

  • You have one (1) hour (i.e. 60 minutes) to complete the exam

  • You must achieve a pass mark of 70% (i.e. 32 out of 45 questions are right)

  • Upon successfully completing the exam, you will receive a certificate designating you as a Certified ChangeDriver!

ChangeDriver Diploma
ChangeDriver ROI

Get started on becoming a Certified ChangeDriver™ today!


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